Hair Removal

We offer a wide range of hair removal treatments in our salon.

We are able to wax every area of the body and face, for smooth long-lasting results. We use warm & hot wax, an effective and hygienic method of waxing, for consistently great results. We also offer high-tech electrolysis treatments, for semi-permanent results that remove the need for waxing.

hair removal service Carlisle


We can offer waxing for legs, arms, back, chest, under arms, brows, upper lip, face, bikini line, G-string and Brazilian and Hollywood waxing. We also offer combined waxing treatments where you can combine half a leg or full leg waxing with a bikini line wax.

Please note: We would advise you to let your hair grow for roughly three weeks for the best waxing hair removal results. Most people see a little regrowth in about three weeks and return for repeat waxing treatments between four to six weeks after their first treatment.

hair removal service Carlisle


This high-tech treatment can offers amazing results and permanent reduction in hair growth.

An electronic current is applied into each hair follicle, with a very fine needle-shaped electrode or metal probe, to destroy the hair at the root. Multiple sessions are required to catch all of the hairs at the critical growth period. However, over time, you will eliminate the need for waxing altogether.

hair removal service Carlisle

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