A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and hands.

A manicure treatment is not only a treatment for the natural nails but also for the hands. A manicure consists of filing, shaping of the free edge, cuticle treatments, massage of the hand and the application of polish. For the hands, the soaking of a softening substance and the application of a lotion is a common specialty.

Quiet your mind and renew your spirit with a treatment designed to hydrate, rejuvenate, and renew hands and nails

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A pedicure is a foot treatment done by a professional at a salon or spa.

A pedicure promotes overall foot and nail health. A pedicure is similar to a manicure with the main difference being that a pedicure is strictly for the feet, while a manicure is done for the hands. A pedicure helps foot health by preventing a number of nail diseases and disorders when done regularly.

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Happy Feet

Hand and Foot Care helps create healthy hands and feet with our selection of manicures and pedicures. Enjoy immaculately conditioned and beautiful hands and feet.

Consider the demands we put on our feet. Each day, we walk some 10,000 steps and by the end of our lifetime, each of us will have walked the circumference of the globe four times. As we walk, the pressure on our feet actually exceeds our body weight! Take time regularly to get off your feet and give them the care they deserve.

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